Uber for Silver Haired

Insight Imagine it's your grandparents 50th anniversary and you want to gift them a surprise vacation. They walk out of the airport. Now they no more need to install the Uber app, sign up, set up their profile or figure out the fancy UI or the booking process. You could just use your Uber app… Continue reading Uber for Silver Haired

Subscription Model for P******S

Journey It feels surreal to finally be able to use an app that you envisioned. Insight In India, the traditional milkmen or doodhwalas used to operate in what we now call the subscription model. Other than that, paying a couple hundred bucks per month for a service was non-existent in India. We were okay with… Continue reading Subscription Model for P******S

UberThela: My Entire Design Process

Excited to share the first case study of Billion Moonshots! I've been posting my thoughts on growing unemployment in rural India and how Uber can play a role in solving it. After having some insightful conversations and taking a ton of edge cases into consideration, I thought it was time to put it out there. In rural India,… Continue reading UberThela: My Entire Design Process

Uber for Rural India

There are 3 billion people in the world who have no access at all to the internet. They might have a $30 cellphone or feature phone to call & text but there's no way they could fork out a hundred dollars for an Android smartphone. KaiOS is bridging that gap rapidly. KaiOS is a mobile… Continue reading Uber for Rural India

How can Uber penetrate Rural India?

Launch Uber Thela. Partner with Reliance Jio. Hand Jio Phones with unlimited data to every Thela driver. (Just like Uber handed iPhones to every cab driver in it's early days) Build Uber Thela app customized for 4G feature phones. Give riders (rural villagers) the ability to book a ride using SMS or call. Give Thela… Continue reading How can Uber penetrate Rural India?

Uber’s New Mate, Postmates

Uber is facing pressure from Wall Street to turn a profit. The ride-hailing behemoth is finding a path to profitability by: 1. Exiting unprofitable markets Uber recently abandoned its Eats business in India - selling it off to local rival Zomato. Uber's food delivery business had a minor 12% market share in the country and the… Continue reading Uber’s New Mate, Postmates