All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

Twitter Spaces Users could share tweets in a Space and turn on live voice transcription. Discord Stage Channels Discord already offers voice channels, which allow everyone to talk freely. A Stage Channel, a Clubhouse clone, is designed for more structured events like community town halls or AMAs. As of now, only Community servers, which have… Continue reading All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

Remember a year ago, when AOC grilled Mark Zuckerberg in Congress regarding content policing. Facebook said - "they believed strongly that tech companies shouldn’t be arbiters of truth of what people say online". But things changed last week. After the recent events at the Capitol, people asked social media platforms to ban the individual responsible… Continue reading “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

Medium’s Turn to Clone Snapchat

Medium should implement stories - in the format of Twitter Fleets, with a TikTok-like recommendation algorithm and with a goal similar to Netflix previews (provide highlights of the content). I believe recommendation algorithm is Medium's biggest weakness right now. I assume - 1. An average article on the platform is roughly 7 mins read. 2. and, Medium subscribers don't read more… Continue reading Medium’s Turn to Clone Snapchat

Twitter’s version of Stories is called Fleets.

The company is one of the last major social platforms to test out Stories. Even Skype gave it a shot - a while ago. "Twitter has become associated with a form of aggressive wokeness dubbed “call-out culture” or “cancel culture.” This can sometimes involve adversaries digging through a user’s older tweets in order to hold them accountable… Continue reading Twitter’s version of Stories is called Fleets.