How ‘My First Million’ podcast got off the ground as part of a win-win deal?

Shaan met co-host Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle) in his mastermind group. This was before The Hustle was a newsletter. It was just a conference back then. At that time, they made a win-win deal. Sam needed a venue for speaker dinner and Shaan wanted to build a high-quality network. So in exchange for… Continue reading How ‘My First Million’ podcast got off the ground as part of a win-win deal?

Should Greenroom remain a separate app from Spotify?

Spotify launched Greenroom last month, a @Clubhouse competitor. They say "Greenroom is redefining the audio ecosystem by directly connecting users through real-time conversation". There are two reasons why Greenroom started out as a separate app: Spotify rebranded Locker Room (recent acq.) to get to market faster. a separate app makes it easier to test and… Continue reading Should Greenroom remain a separate app from Spotify?

All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

Twitter Spaces Users could share tweets in a Space and turn on live voice transcription. Discord Stage Channels Discord already offers voice channels, which allow everyone to talk freely. A Stage Channel, a Clubhouse clone, is designed for more structured events like community town halls or AMAs. As of now, only Community servers, which have… Continue reading All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

Subscription Model for P******S

Journey It feels surreal to finally be able to use an app that you envisioned. Insight In India, the traditional milkmen or doodhwalas used to operate in what we now call the subscription model. Other than that, paying a couple hundred bucks per month for a service was non-existent in India. We were okay with… Continue reading Subscription Model for P******S

Spotify’s ‘Open Access Platform’

Journey This week, I'm going to build a full-stack app. Let's goo!! Insight What is the one app that you mindlessly open everytime you pick your phone? For me, that's Spotify. Earlier, it was YouTube and man, that app lead me into a rabbit hole of random stuff which was very very unproductive. On Spotify,… Continue reading Spotify’s ‘Open Access Platform’

Audio Wars: Spotify, Apple and now Facebook

Podcasts were pretty dead until Spotify went on its acquisition spree (Soundtrap, Parcast, Gimlet, The Ringer, Anchor and others). Now that the audio space is heating up, we're seeing some new products popping up. Spotify is launching paid subscriptions, with a 0% fee. Apple is launching paid subscriptions with its standard model - 30% commission… Continue reading Audio Wars: Spotify, Apple and now Facebook

Alexa… Did you just open a Hair Salon?

Journey Okay, done with my final exams. I feel good and ready to get on to some exciting stuff. Insight In another effort to take over the world, Amazon is launching its own salon. Based in London, here you can get a haircut, use AR to preview virtual hair colour before committing and scan QR… Continue reading Alexa… Did you just open a Hair Salon?

Bye Bye Homepod

Journey Doing a challenge to knock off 30 mock product interviews in a day. I guess it would be fun - would make me think on the feet and really drill down on a good structure for the answer. Insight Apple is discontinuing the original Apple Homepod and will go all in on Homepod Mini.… Continue reading Bye Bye Homepod

Podcast Snippets for Instagram Stories

I usually listen to a podcast during my morning walks. Yesterday, while listening to 'The Tim Ferris Show', I learnt about a really cool hack for emails. So I thought of sharing it with a couple of friends. I had 2 options, I could either send them the entire podcast with start time or transcribe… Continue reading Podcast Snippets for Instagram Stories