Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Microsoft Loop is gonna make it's enterprise clients very productive. This is one workspace that brings together Microsoft's disjointed ecosystem in one place. Notion went out to replace all the alternatives and become a one-stop shop. However, Microsoft Loop is first-of-all a solution to solve it's own mess of managing existing words, powerpoints, sharepoints and… Continue reading Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Google Workspace’s Dilemma

Journey How to prioritize your time as a product manager? Talk to users and build the product. Currently heavily invested in talking to users and learning about their challenges. Insight "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Oscar Wilde Google announced some significant updates to Google Docs in the recent I/O event. There's the… Continue reading Google Workspace’s Dilemma

Google Analytics for Notion Public Pages

I was chatting with a couple of friends regarding side projects. Most of them use Notion to showcase their portfolio. Some have even built their personal website and blog on this tool. Notion is pretty cool from that perspective. Unlike WordPress - you can get up and running very quickly. Just make your page public and now you can… Continue reading Google Analytics for Notion Public Pages