Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Microsoft Loop is gonna make it's enterprise clients very productive. This is one workspace that brings together Microsoft's disjointed ecosystem in one place. Notion went out to replace all the alternatives and become a one-stop shop. However, Microsoft Loop is first-of-all a solution to solve it's own mess of managing existing words, powerpoints, sharepoints and… Continue reading Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Magic Leap is back

Magic Leap 2 will be launching next year - but the bigger news is that they're now focusing on enterprise applications. It never made sense what an average consumer would do with an AR headset. Yes, there's the Angry Birds game but other than that, it has no real utility for that $2300 price tag.… Continue reading Magic Leap is back

Square’s Tidal Acquisition might not actually be Dumb

Journey You cannot walk into a Microsoft interview without reading Mindset by Carol Dweck. So got the audiobook and now halfway into it, I now understand how this one book has changed the fate of Microsoft. Insight When I first heard about it, Square's acquisition of Tidal sounded dumb. I thought maybe along with social… Continue reading Square’s Tidal Acquisition might not actually be Dumb

When a Unique Idea Becomes a Norm

Journey To ensure a good product interview experience, I either had to buy a $500 iPad or a $7 whiteboard. So I drilled a hole into my beautiful wall and hanged a whiteboard on it. Hopefully, my interviewer appreciates my effort 😉 Insight It's interesting how a unique idea implemented by a few people quickly… Continue reading When a Unique Idea Becomes a Norm

IPOs Should Be Easier

Journey Got a big interview to crack. My goal for next week is to connect with Product Managers at Microsoft and practise mock interviews with them. Definitely try cold emailing. Some people are always down to help! Insight SPACs are big right now. Flipkart, an e-commerce company dominant in India, reached out to several SPACs… Continue reading IPOs Should Be Easier

European Union is Setting the Regulation Benchmark

Journey Secured second round interview for Program Manager role at Microsoft!! Now it's time to grind for those mock interviews. Insight European Union is setting the regulation standards for the entire world. When EU rolled out GDPR, all the global companies had to work their butt off to adapt to these stringent data policies. However,… Continue reading European Union is Setting the Regulation Benchmark

Anti-Google+Microsoft Alliance

This is how I ended my Google Workspace post. "We'll soon see single-purpose software such as Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Trello, Airtable, Zoho and others, form an alliance to differentiate." And well, the alliance is now gradually forming. Zoom has announced Zapps - an app store that will allow you to use applications like Slack, Asana and Dropbox, directly within Zoom. "That means… Continue reading Anti-Google+Microsoft Alliance

Welcome Google Workspace!

Shelter in place has changed a lot of things, especially work. We're more relied on technology than ever to collaborate, be productive and build connections. Google seems to have a solution to help us do just that. "It won't be enough to just add more tiles to video calls or more bots to your chat. We… Continue reading Welcome Google Workspace!

Most Interesting Thing About Microsoft’s Potential TikTok Acquisition

The most interesting thing about Microsoft' potential TikTok acquisition will be the price. TikTok and its investors would wanna get a premium for selling a wildly popular app second to Facebook. On the other hand, Microsoft will be looking to get a huge discount for being the saviour - because if the acquisition doesn't go through TikTok is… Continue reading Most Interesting Thing About Microsoft’s Potential TikTok Acquisition