Google-Jio Deal: Real Democratization of Education

Free online resources are such a game-changer. You can choose to learn whatever you want and upskill yourself for your dream job. However, what about the poorest in the world. They don't even have the basic tools - a smartphone and an internet connection - to access the wealth of information available online. I'm really… Continue reading Google-Jio Deal: Real Democratization of Education

Google-Jio Deal: Blessing In Disguise for Facebook

"The investment today from Google is one of the rare instances when the Android-maker has joined its global rival Facebook in backing a firm." Last week, Google announced a $10B fund to accelerate the digital economy in India. The company has now decided to pour 45% of that fund into Jio - which is owned by Reliance Industries, a massive Indian… Continue reading Google-Jio Deal: Blessing In Disguise for Facebook

Facebook and Jio are Frenemies

FB-owned WhatsApp Inc. is no new app for India. Today, while my little sister was watching TV - I saw an ad from WA. I was surprised. I thought why in the world would WA invest in a TV ad campaign. Isn't it something 400M people use every day in India? Last time they launched a TV… Continue reading Facebook and Jio are Frenemies