Google Workspace’s Dilemma

Journey How to prioritize your time as a product manager? Talk to users and build the product. Currently heavily invested in talking to users and learning about their challenges. Insight "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Oscar Wilde Google announced some significant updates to Google Docs in the recent I/O event. There's the… Continue reading Google Workspace’s Dilemma

How Slack could help with Deep Work

Journey Being good at product interviews is all about poise. So I'm brushing up my skills to speak slowly, confidently and with a smile. Because you can't be boring when talking about changing the future of a multi-billion dollar company. Insight Check this out. This decision tree showcases how much thought Slack puts into managing… Continue reading How Slack could help with Deep Work

Google Analytics for Notion Public Pages

I was chatting with a couple of friends regarding side projects. Most of them use Notion to showcase their portfolio. Some have even built their personal website and blog on this tool. Notion is pretty cool from that perspective. Unlike WordPress - you can get up and running very quickly. Just make your page public and now you can… Continue reading Google Analytics for Notion Public Pages

Anti-Google+Microsoft Alliance

This is how I ended my Google Workspace post. "We'll soon see single-purpose software such as Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Trello, Airtable, Zoho and others, form an alliance to differentiate." And well, the alliance is now gradually forming. Zoom has announced Zapps - an app store that will allow you to use applications like Slack, Asana and Dropbox, directly within Zoom. "That means… Continue reading Anti-Google+Microsoft Alliance

Airpods Pro: New Feature

I had a hypothesis that buying AirPods would make me smarter. Because then I'll listen to more podcasts and audiobooks. And sure they did. I absolutely love the Airpods Pro. Even though I own a Google Pixel, I still decided to buy them because of the quality built, design and most importantly, convenience. One of the subtle… Continue reading Airpods Pro: New Feature

Welcome Google Workspace!

Shelter in place has changed a lot of things, especially work. We're more relied on technology than ever to collaborate, be productive and build connections. Google seems to have a solution to help us do just that. "It won't be enough to just add more tiles to video calls or more bots to your chat. We… Continue reading Welcome Google Workspace!

This Small Company Could’ve been Google Today

Choose your success metrics wisely! In 1997 - when Google was still called BackRub - Larry Page and Sergey Brin were figuring out how they could convince a company to implement PageRank into their search technology. The founders had no intention to build Google into a giant that it is today. They just wanted to… Continue reading This Small Company Could’ve been Google Today

Google-Jio Deal: Real Democratization of Education

Free online resources are such a game-changer. You can choose to learn whatever you want and upskill yourself for your dream job. However, what about the poorest in the world. They don't even have the basic tools - a smartphone and an internet connection - to access the wealth of information available online. I'm really… Continue reading Google-Jio Deal: Real Democratization of Education

Google-Jio Deal: Blessing In Disguise for Facebook

"The investment today from Google is one of the rare instances when the Android-maker has joined its global rival Facebook in backing a firm." Last week, Google announced a $10B fund to accelerate the digital economy in India. The company has now decided to pour 45% of that fund into Jio - which is owned by Reliance Industries, a massive Indian… Continue reading Google-Jio Deal: Blessing In Disguise for Facebook