I like to explore, experiment and validate my assumptions on problems out there. Check out some of the projects.


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Cool conversations with some cool people. If you wanna hop on the podcast, shoot over a message!

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The Beginner’s Podcast Checklist

Template | Notion | Productivity

Here’s my checklist that gets me from booking the guest, pre-recording, post-production to publishing my podcast in less than 30 mins. The best part – all the tools I use are 100% free.

Grab template here: Gumroad

Motivation Playlist

Spotify | Music | Motivation

Music influences our motivation and subsequent behaviour. I listen to “Run for Your Life” by The Seige to when I’m feeling low. Do you have a pump-up song that you listen right before going into an interview, presentation or just on days when you need some motivation? These are mine. Reach out if you got any good recommendations to add to this playlist

Spotify Playlist: Billion Moonshots Motivation

Track Hunt

Spotify | Music | Upcoming Artists

Track Hunt surfaces the best music from upcoming artists with less than 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify. It’s the playlist for music-loving enthusiasts to find the underdogs in the music industry. Reach out if you got any good recommendations to add to this playlist

Spotify Playlist: Track Hunt

Billion Moonshots

Product Management | Innovation Lab

I experiment with problems here in my personal innovation lab. For instance – how Uber Thela can solve unemployment in rural India, how can Twitter ensure safety of noble organizations and many more.

Content: Twitter

Product Bites

Content | Community | Product Management

Discover and curate insightful product content in this Slack community. A place where you’ll find insights on how the most successful companies – Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla – build products.

Community: Slack