Why Strava wanted to slow down users in its early days?

There was a time when the team realized - they had created a highly competitive atmosphere. It was almost over the top where users were constantly going out to chase their PR (personal record). This made new users feel intimidated and unwilling to stay on the platform thinking that they weren't good enough or fast… Continue reading Why Strava wanted to slow down users in its early days?

How ‘My First Million’ podcast got off the ground as part of a win-win deal?

Shaan met co-host Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle) in his mastermind group. This was before The Hustle was a newsletter. It was just a conference back then. At that time, they made a win-win deal. Sam needed a venue for speaker dinner and Shaan wanted to build a high-quality network. So in exchange for… Continue reading How ‘My First Million’ podcast got off the ground as part of a win-win deal?

Estimate Customer Acquisition Cost of LinkedIn

Mission The mission of LinkedIn is connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Facts LinkedIn currently has roughly 774M+ users. A total of 39% of LinkedIn users pay for LinkedIn Premium, which has four price tiers:Premium Career: $29.99/monthPremium Business: $59.99/monthSales Navigator Pro: $79.99/monthRecruiter Lite (Hiring): $119.95/month Definition Customer acquisition cost is… Continue reading Estimate Customer Acquisition Cost of LinkedIn

Should Greenroom remain a separate app from Spotify?

Spotify launched Greenroom last month, a @Clubhouse competitor. They say "Greenroom is redefining the audio ecosystem by directly connecting users through real-time conversation". There are two reasons why Greenroom started out as a separate app: Spotify rebranded Locker Room (recent acq.) to get to market faster. a separate app makes it easier to test and… Continue reading Should Greenroom remain a separate app from Spotify?

Focusing Illusion Problem

The Focusing Illusion Problem is "a cognitive bias — a tendency to misjudge — that leads to attaching too much significance to one feature of an event or situation." - Schkade 1998 I read this in the context of cognitive biases that lead product managers to make poor decisions. But then, a cognitive bias applies… Continue reading Focusing Illusion Problem

Structure for Rapid Experimentation

Coming back home to India, I met my childhood buddy after almost 7-8 years. we were hanging out for a while and then we thought - why not build something together. so we dived right in. We started validating our assumptions by "doing things that do not scale". Then, one day we thought why not… Continue reading Structure for Rapid Experimentation

Uber for Silver Haired

Insight Imagine it's your grandparents 50th anniversary and you want to gift them a surprise vacation. They walk out of the airport. Now they no more need to install the Uber app, sign up, set up their profile or figure out the fancy UI or the booking process. You could just use your Uber app… Continue reading Uber for Silver Haired

All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

Twitter Spaces Users could share tweets in a Space and turn on live voice transcription. Discord Stage Channels Discord already offers voice channels, which allow everyone to talk freely. A Stage Channel, a Clubhouse clone, is designed for more structured events like community town halls or AMAs. As of now, only Community servers, which have… Continue reading All Clubhouse Competitors (so far)

Not Alone

https://twitter.com/billionmonshots/status/1401782618455089156?s=20 The system could not potentially help every single person facing mental illness. Because 1 in every 4 people are struggling with it. That's roughly 1.5 billion people. So if not the system, the government, the NGOs, the tech startups, then who? We gotta help each other out. Isolation is the precursor to mental illness.… Continue reading Not Alone

Subscription Model for P******S

Journey It feels surreal to finally be able to use an app that you envisioned. Insight In India, the traditional milkmen or doodhwalas used to operate in what we now call the subscription model. Other than that, paying a couple hundred bucks per month for a service was non-existent in India. We were okay with… Continue reading Subscription Model for P******S