This Weekend

This weekend I pretty much spent all my time learning about Web3. It is fascinating. If you were following the Facebook whistleblower news, you might be wondering what is the solution to Facebook holding so much power and affecting the psychology of the masses. The solution somewhere might be hidden in a decentralised architecture that… Continue reading This Weekend

Not Alone The system could not potentially help every single person facing mental illness. Because 1 in every 4 people are struggling with it. That's roughly 1.5 billion people. So if not the system, the government, the NGOs, the tech startups, then who? We gotta help each other out. Isolation is the precursor to mental illness.… Continue reading Not Alone

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

Remember a year ago, when AOC grilled Mark Zuckerberg in Congress regarding content policing. Facebook said - "they believed strongly that tech companies shouldn’t be arbiters of truth of what people say online". But things changed last week. After the recent events at the Capitol, people asked social media platforms to ban the individual responsible… Continue reading “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

Cashless Transactions in India

With COVID-19, online payment platforms in India such as PhonePe, Paytm and Google Pay have surged in usage and brought millions of new people into the ecosystem. In India, cashless transactions is such a norm that people now even expect panipuri stalls (roadside vendors) to have Paytm QR code. It makes sense though. Digital transaction… Continue reading Cashless Transactions in India

Dig A Well Before You Are Thirsty

People can see who is desperate and who is playing the long game. When we only start looking for a job when it's too late, we become desperate. Instead of focusing on building relationships with companies or skills, we just blast our resumes everywhere. Nobody likes that. Instead, start early. Build skills. Build relationships. Real… Continue reading Dig A Well Before You Are Thirsty

Superhuman vs Gmail

I checked out Superhuman for the first time today. Pretty cool software. They claim it will help you get by your email 2 times faster. One way is simply by improving the rendering speed. But the main value proposition is in custom templates and tabs. That's what differentiates Superhuman from Gmail. Well, Gmail can easily… Continue reading Superhuman vs Gmail

Eat That Frog

I remember watching Brian Tracy on YouTube a long back. He used to talk about this concept called 'Eat That 🐸'. Weird name - but it basically means stop procrastinating and do the most important task first thing every morning. With university starting up, I gotta eat many frogs every day. It's gonna be different.… Continue reading Eat That Frog

Curiosity in India vs US

Being curious is valuable. In this age of online courses and YouTube, school is slowly becoming irrelevant. It doesn't matter what you studied at school. It matters if you're curious. If you're asking the right questions. And, if you're applying that new-found knowledge. I wanted to understand the macro picture of hoe curious are Indians… Continue reading Curiosity in India vs US

Peloton vs Apple

With Apple Fitness+, Peloton has entered into a big league competition. Peloton charges $39/month for it's fitness content. However, Apple is entering at a price point of $9.99/month. Apple has gone further to bundle Fitness+ with other services such as News+, TV+, Music and iCloud to sweeten the deal. This begs the question. Will Peloton… Continue reading Peloton vs Apple