Concerts will onboard millions to crypto

At @iamkevingates‘s recent concert, they put a massive QR code on stage allowing fans to mint a POAP – Proof of Attendance NFT.

People already have phones out for the ‘gram.

Just scan the QR code, log in via email, and claim your NFT for free.

Digital collectibles are good for both parties.

For fans:

• It’s always with them, doesn’t wear & tear, and doesn’t fill up their closet.

• Helps them be minimalist and environmentally conscious.

For Artists:

• It’s less of a headache. No need to deal with a supplier, worry about delivery times, or storage.

• NFTs now give them on-chain data about their top fans whom they can retarget and offer more value with token-gated activities.

4.5m @POAPxyz have already been distributed to 800,000 unique wallets.

This is organically educating fans about crypto and token-gated activities.

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