How to stay humble as a VC?

When you are a recruiter, your emails are bound to be full of resumes – because everyone needs that job.

The same goes for VC. Your emails are bound to be full of pitch decks – because every founder needs that capital.

As a VC, seeing 1000+ deals per year is not uncommon.

Most investors have to say no a lot.

The acceptance rate is a mere 0.5-2%.

It might feel like landing an investment from you is exclusive and only reserved for exceptional founders.

In this situation, it’s hard to keep your ego in check.

I recently had Danielle Strachman on the pod – founder and general partner of 1517 fund.

She said – “Being able to see the heart and the soul that founders put into what they’re doing keeps us humble with what we do – because it’s really really hard work.”

VC is a long-term game. It takes 5 years to know if you’re good and 10 years to know that you’re outright great.

The best VCs stay humble, focus on what matters, and treat every founder with respect.

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