Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Microsoft Loop is gonna make it’s enterprise clients very productive.

This is one workspace that brings together Microsoft’s disjointed ecosystem in one place.

Notion went out to replace all the alternatives and become a one-stop shop.

However, Microsoft Loop is first-of-all a solution to solve it’s own mess of managing existing words, powerpoints, sharepoints and what-not for enterprise employees.

Notion might not need to worry a lot. They got 3 things in their favour:

  • 8 year headstart (founded 2013, released 2018)
  • Loyal community
  • Strong customer lock-in

Is there even a way to move my highly complex page hierarchy and components out of Notion?

Google is closing in too. With Google Workspace, they took initial steps to adopt Notion-like features but still haven’t built a clone like Microsoft.

btw if you haven’t, check out the commercial of Microsoft Loop. It’s real good.

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