Web3 >> Big Tech

Had an old online friend on the pod last night.

He mentioned reading something on Twitter that said – working in big tech today is similar to working in the banking industry in the early 2000’s.

What led to this?

  1. Twitter: Huge accounts hyping up Web3.
  2. Pace of Innovation: Web3 space churning out novel applications and overnight millionaires.
  3. The Big Tech Exodus: Top talent quitting jobs to build the next big thing in Web3.
  4. Capital: VC firms like a16z pouring in a ton of capital.
  5. To catch up, Big Tech is now adopting Web3: Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter, Tiktok, and others have announced their crypto-focused teams.

Attention is where the money is, and money is where the attention is.

Web3 seems to have captured both.

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