Fireside: End-to-end Production

Mark Cuban’s Fireside launches to all creators.

After doing this podcast thing, I found how every step in the process is siloed and requires single-purpose tools.

Why don’t we have an end-to-end production tool?

Fireside seems to be tackling this problem. It offers creators tools to create, edit, distribute, promote, measure, and monetize.

  1. Broadcast live audio/video within the app and simultaneously cast to all social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn).
  2. Content is recorded and saved in Fireside app.
  3. Get the transcript and edit the audio/video segments with a tap.
  4. After editing, distribute to all social media platforms, podcast services, or RSS.
  5. Monetize the audience directly on the app through subscriptions, ticketed events, gifting, and tipping.
  6. Track audience growth.

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