Product vs Distribution

What should I focus on: Product or Distribution

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the product.

However, distribution is important too. No one is gonna know of your amazing product if they aren’t aware of its existence.

Earlier this year, when I started building something with my buddy, it was fun. We knew we were building something cool and were having a great time tinkering together.

However, I felt that on launch day no one is gonna know about our product. We had to do something about it.

We not only had to market the product but also build trust with our early users.

So we started an IG page. We brought potential users in, offered a no-code solution, and quickly validated our assumptions.

I think we built a strong relationship with a few of them.

We are now launching the product soon (currently only in one city)..

Thanks to our distribution effort, we’ll be launching to a userbase of roughly 100 – who have all been part of the journey and experienced the no-code product beforehand.

I don’t wanna call this a startup.

It’s just an experiment to work and build something cool with my buddy whom I met after 8 years – due to the pandemic.

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