How Google can combat Fake Reviews?

Google Maps has a ton of fake reviews (especially in India). So when making a decision on what cafe, restaurant or experience to go to, I usually trust pictures. If that sushi looks good, there’s an 87% chance it also tastes good.

How is Google currently combating the fake review situation?

Google has a program called Local Guides – to incentivize users to contribute and share authentic experiences, reviews and photos. For their contribution, they earn points, unlock new levels and get special rewards.

Basically, they’re building an army of trusted reviewers.

How can Google boost Local Guides program and make it easier for everyone to become a local guide?

With access to great smartphone cameras, everyone became a photographer and needed a better photo-sharing platform. Google Photos came out at the top and captured a huge market.

These massive amounts of pictures uploaded every day have untapped potential.

There are private pictures that are just for you and your family. And then – there are pictures of the sunset, buildings, coffee shops, etc. that you wanna share with everyone.

What if you could upload these pictures from your Google Photos app to Google Maps with one click.

It will save time for existing Local Guides, it will bring new people to the Local Guides program (to win rewards) and overall, make reviews more authentic for everyone.

With regards to execution, Google needs to take care of user’s privacy and take proper consent before sharing a user’s photos.

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