Why Strava wanted to slow down users in its early days?

There was a time when the team realized – they had created a highly competitive atmosphere. It was almost over the top where users were constantly going out to chase their PR (personal record).

This made new users feel intimidated and unwilling to stay on the platform thinking that they weren’t good enough or fast enough. They felt Strava was only for professional athletes and not for the average Joe.

The team had to do something.

So they introduced photos – which turned out to be a pivotal moment for the company. The ability to upload photos of your activity was a conscious decision taken to get people to slow down a little.

They wanted users to enjoy the ride, stop once in a while, and capture that sunrise, that muddy road. These photos were just as inspiring as somebody’s performance. If these beautiful photos could get someone to put on their shoes and go for a run – that’s a win.

Their adoption soon shot up.

With this seemingly insignificant feature, Strava sent a message out to everyone to slow down and enjoy the journey towards their goals.

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