Not Alone

The system could not potentially help every single person facing mental illness.

Because 1 in every 4 people are struggling with it.

That’s roughly 1.5 billion people.

So if not the system, the government, the NGOs, the tech startups, then who?

We gotta help each other out.

Isolation is the precursor to mental illness. This might be very insensitive but – don’t be alone. Call a friend or your parents or a sibling. Talk to them about everything that you’re feeling.

Read the news. Be aware of all the crazy stuff going out there. But also have a filter to not let those crazy headlines affect you. Everything in moderation is good.

Practice focus. Focus on your goals. Focus on what’s important. Focus on what’s at hand.

Understand that mental health is not for a select few. It’s for everyone.

We all have minds.

That means we all need to actively make sure our minds are actively taken care of.

We need to make sure it’s healthy.

You’re not alone.

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