Spotify’s ‘Open Access Platform’


This week, I’m going to build a full-stack app. Let’s goo!!


What is the one app that you mindlessly open everytime you pick your phone?

For me, that’s Spotify.

Earlier, it was YouTube and man, that app lead me into a rabbit hole of random stuff which was very very unproductive.

On Spotify, I’m either jamming to a good Punjabi track or listening to a podcast. That helps me take a break and relieve some stress.

In another effort to be the icon that you tap every time for audio, Spotify is launching a new model called ‘Open Access Platform’.

No matter what platform you’re subscribed to for a particular piece of paid content, you could now use your existing login system to listen to it on Spotify. Moreover, the creator or publisher would still retain direct control over the relationship.

Apple has also made some huge announcements in the ‘open access platform’ space. However, unlike Spotify, you give Apple audio, and they control the experience and customer relationship end-to-end.

What’s in for Spotify?

There’s no revenue.

There’s no lock-in.

But there’s the vision of being the default destination for audio.

“Spotify understands that the most important thing for their business is that you tap their icon without thinking.” – Nathan Baschez

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Notionery: If you’re into Notion, this one is worth checking out. I’m looking to improve my templates every day.

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