Audio Wars: Spotify, Apple and now Facebook

Podcasts were pretty dead until Spotify went on its acquisition spree (Soundtrap, Parcast, Gimlet, The Ringer, Anchor and others).

Now that the audio space is heating up, we’re seeing some new products popping up.

Spotify is launching paid subscriptions, with a 0% fee.

Apple is launching paid subscriptions with its standard model – 30% commission (15% after the first year) and Apple will have full customer ownership.

Finally, Facebook came up with a whole suite of experiences across both podcasts and drop-in live chat.

With Facebook, one thing that I’m excited to check out is user reactions for every podcast – something that I wish Spotify had. We only tend to listen to podcasts that either has a popular host/guest or is about a familiar topic.

I personally want to explore new stuff but also wanna make sure it’s worth it.

I believe user reactions and comments would help us understand if a particular podcast is worth it and thereby, help us explore more content.

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