The Persuading Power of Content


Found an interesting side project to work on. It’s a problem that I believe is much more important to solve today.

It’s politics.

We’re told not to talk about politics. I believe that’s totally backwards. Politics affects our everyday life. Everything from the cost of groceries to our income tax. And we should actively and transparently engage in conversations to understand the current policies and how they affect the population.

But before engaging in conversations what we need to do is – set the goal. The goal of the conversation should be to come up with a solution, not to defend or attack the government.

On a side note, everybody today is terrified of the young population.

The young sees through the bullshit of politicians.

The young doesn’t watch traditional news (the source of propaganda and manipulation).

The young has more information at their disposal than ever.

What the young just needs to do is – as Vir Das said “read up a little bit”.


The persuading power of good content.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive got us interested in F1 and made the sport commercially viable again.

Seaspiracy made us stop consuming seafood.

Queen’s Gambit got us to buy chess boards like crazy.

Social Dilemma made us pause all the distracting notifications on our phones.

Netflix, keep ’em coming!

New Product Idea

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QoooreMan vs RobinWho by Qooore: Qooore is already the dopest app I’ve seen for investment and now they have a game to take a dig at Robinhood.

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