When in trouble, make a documentary


Loving my morning routine right now. I go for a morning walk at 6 am, practise mock interviews, plan for the day, do my workout, take shower, and write my blog.

Just gotta be consistent now.


I knew Formula 1 existed.

But I was never interested in it and none of my friends were.

F1 as a business was only sustaining thanks to billionaires and big automotive heavyweights.

They struggled to find partners because why would someone pay millions to put their logo on a car that hardly anyone looked at.

F1’s parent company was losing roughly a billion dollars every year.

But that’s all history now.

F1 is back in profit for the first time since 2016.

F1 teams are attracting a ton of partners (more logos on cars).

F1 just announced a second US Grand Prix race in Miami.

F1 drivers are getting Instagram and Twitter famous.

F1 team principals are being asked for selfies and autographs.

Hyper-technical F1 videos on YouTube are starting to garner millions of views.

This all happened thanks to Netflix’s ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ docuseries.

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Ultimate Job Tracker by @Sarthology: Organize everything related to your job search in one place.

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“Threats” by @profgalloway: “The U.S. is increasingly alone, broke, and overweight.”

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