Alexa… Did you just open a Hair Salon?


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In another effort to take over the world, Amazon is launching its own salon.

Based in London, here you can get a haircut, use AR to preview virtual hair colour before committing and scan QR codes to buy products with their cashierless technology.

After perfecting this strategy, the company could use the AWS playbook and bring Amazon salon everywhere.

Imagine Amazon selling its salon franchises like McDonald’s.

They give you the branding, the tech, maybe even hairstylists who graduated from Amazon Salon University. You just gotta bring the people in.

Also, the biggest struggle with haircut is consistency.

Like some of my intern friends, I move around a lot. So every 4 months, I rely on Google reviews to find a salon nearby, explain to them how I want the cut and always walk out with a totally different look.

There’s no consistency.

What if just like the Big Mac, Amazon can ensure consistency for your haircut. No matter what franchise you get a haircut (it could even be a different country), if you want a certain look, it’ll always be the same.

On a side note, hair Salon was always considered as a recession-proof business.

Because no matter what, people always want to look fresh and get that nice haircut.

But within the last year, lockdowns forced people to buy trimmers and cut their own hair. Some of my friends have started trimming their own hair, and think they could now manage without going to a salon. Also because good hair salons are pretty expensive.

But again, some hairstyles cannot be done by oneself with a trimmer.

So yeah, hair salons are definitely a recession-proof business.

And, Amazon loves to get into these essential businesses like groceries and health and many others.

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