Airbnb for Co-working Spaces


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Airbnb for Office might soon become a thing.

Imagine going on a platform and booking meeting rooms from a number of co-working spaces in your city.

As remote work is booming, commercial properties are being converted into co-working spaces. And eventually, these co-working spaces will all be hosted on a single platform like Airbnb for remote workers for on-demand booking.

As a remote worker, I struggled with wifi. I struggled a lot with lighting and the fact that I had my bed right behind me. I kinda became lazy.

Having a bed right behind you is not good. During breaks, I would just go lie on my bed and end up lying on it for an hour.

Now we don’t know if WeWork is gonna come back strong and aggressively enter every city in the world. What we know is that co-working space is a big opportunity and we’ll see a lot of players entering this space.

Remote workers need the right environment to feel focused as well as creative. And they would want to be able to book these rooms right away over their phone.

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