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Challenged myself to do 30 mock product interviews in a day and so far have completed 10. Well, it seems easy but the ambiguity makes it way harder. Anyways, let’s get this.


NFTs, Cryptopunks, NBA Top Shot – all this stuff looks dumb.

Why would someone pay thousands of dollars for something that anyone could just watch for free on YouTube.

I’m not sure about the future of NFTs. Definitely read the Top Read of the day, where Rex talks about how ‘The Search for Belonging’ and ‘The Reclaiming of Agency’ is playing a role in this crazy new meme culture.

But what I’m sure is that NFTs is paving the way for mainstream decentralization.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine a future where everything you have or see could be traced back to its roots, along with all the stuff that happened in between.

I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro right now. What if I could go to a website, input the unique identifier of my laptop and get to see a table of what all happened before this sleek laptop got into my hands. Where were all the components manufactured, where was everything assembled, where was the final product shipped to, and finally how did it get to the Apple store from where I purchased it.

I’m excited for how people now understand trading on blockchain and that blockchain will only become mainstream from here.

New Product Idea

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What do you think? Ping me any comments or feedback.

Top Tool by @volodarik: Hire vetted remote developers. This is the future as startups look for amazing developers across the world to help them scale their idea.

Top Read

“The Memeification of American Capitalism” by @rex_woodbury: This small piece of article opened my eyes to why people are splurging thousands and millions of dollars on dumb stuff.

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