How Slack could help with Deep Work


Being good at product interviews is all about poise. So I’m brushing up my skills to speak slowly, confidently and with a smile. Because you can’t be boring when talking about changing the future of a multi-billion dollar company.


Check this out. This decision tree showcases how much thought Slack puts into managing when to send a notification to its users.

Many Slack’s enterprise users complain how they can never get their work done, as Slack distracts the entire team from getting focus work done.

Even though the company has identified this challenge and built this extremely thoughtful flow for notifications, people haven’t found value.

Because this is just confusing.

Many employees who might have not come across this graph are just afraid to turn off or mute any notifications, lest they miss out on important updates.

Two things can help here –

  1. Slack should explain users this notification decision tree as if they are 5.
  2. Allow every individual user to set a deep work time. Imagine a setting that turn off all Slack notification for you from 7-10 am. It would state, “If something is really urgent, call me at (646) xxx-xxxx.”

I believe the second situation would just really help everyone in a creative profession, where you need to be away from the world to create good work.

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