Turn your Costs into a Business


I found that I hate writing reports. I mean I really really hate writing reports. It’s not because I’m lazy. I mean I can be lazy sometimes. But it’s because I like brevity.

I like being able to explain a complicated concept in a few words. I love when I could explain frictional force to my 10-year-old sister with an analogy. Pictures, animations and analogy is something I prefer when explaining the concept.

When writing reports, I feel like I’m literally writing the same thing again and again, just using different words to clear the requirements.


Over the years, Amazon has been turning every major cost into a source of revenue, as seen in this presentation slide from venture firm Social Capital.

New Product Idea

What if the result of every public policy/action made by governments could be put on a blockchain – to offer more visibility to the citizens.

What do you think? Ping me any comments or feedback.

Top Tool

Directual by Pavel: Well, this is what I needed for my app. Love the mission here, to let people create and build!!

Top Read

“Well, it seems great to me” by Seth Godin: This quick read is core to understanding if you found product market fit.

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