IPOs Should Be Easier


Got a big interview to crack. My goal for next week is to connect with Product Managers at Microsoft and practise mock interviews with them. Definitely try cold emailing. Some people are always down to help!


SPACs are big right now.

Flipkart, an e-commerce company dominant in India, reached out to several SPACs for a US listing. It could potentially seek a valuation of at $35B.

Here’s a quick explanation of SPACs by ET Tech:

“One of the hottest trends among dealmakers in Silicon Valley, SPACs, sometimes called ‘blank cheque’ companies, are shell companies created with the sole intention of merging with a private business. These firms list on the stock exchanges without any real business and raise money from investors. They then typically buy private firms and help them go public quickly without the hassle of a traditional IPO. A SPAC has two years to find a company to acquire or it must return the funds to investors”.

Overall, raising money is much easier and faster through a SPAC for a private company.

If every company starts taking the SPAC route, stock exchanges need to rethink how to make IPO’s easier. All the resources that go into preparing for an IPO, can put into better use in this fast-moving world we’re in.

New Product/Business Idea

Carbon sequestration technologies is a huge factor in mitigating global warming to the internationally agreed target of less than 2°C(3.6°F). Check out EN-ROADS simulation model developed by Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.

What if we could design high-tech carbon sinks and install them near industrial areas. Organizations can avoid carbon tax by offsetting carbon through the sinks.

What do you think? Reply to this email with any comments or feedback.

Top Tool

Milk Video: Not everyone is gonna listen to an hour-long podcast/talk. So why not share clips of the high-impact sections. These guys are making it super easy to share clips like Joe Rogan.

Top Read

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries: I’m starting to use this phrase a lot now – “validate assumptions” – thanks to this book.

Top Tweet

“Genius billboard as from The Economist.

Lightbulb lights up when you walk underneath.” – Trung Phan

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