Instagram Didn’t Plagiarize This One TikTok Feature

Remember how on TikTok, a user can share a short video on any platform.

Well, Instagram doesn’t allow that.

If you try to download a Reel – your audio will be removed.

I think I know why they chose to do this.

It’s simple – To bring you on the platform.

You see TikTok was brand new. It had to put in the work to build the brand and increase engagement on the platform. By allowing you to share TikTok on all major platforms, it leveraged their network for its distribution.

However, in the case of Instagram, it stands at 1B+ downloads. It has achieved acquisition at scale and now, the product is focused on increasing engagement and retention.

By not allowing Reels to be easily shared on all platforms, it is forcing users to join the platform, watch the Reel and also explore other Reels.

From a creator perspective, this decision helps increase views. For TikTok, viewers who watched the downloaded version, aren’t able to like, comment or subscribe – which is bad for creators. Instagram is helping creators register all views and grow an audience.

Overall, Instagram can take this decision only because it already serves over a billion people globally.

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Picture Credits: Unsplash/Claudio Schwarz

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