Podcast Snippets for Instagram Stories

I usually listen to a podcast during my morning walks.

Yesterday, while listening to ‘The Tim Ferris Show’, I learnt about a really cool hack for emails.

So I thought of sharing it with a couple of friends.

I had 2 options, I could either send them the entire podcast with start time or transcribe it.

Now sharing seems easier, but I use Spotify and most of my friends use Apple Podcasts. So I had to search up that episode on Google, copy the link for Apple Podcasts and ping them – along with the start time. As you can see, too much friction.

I wish we could make sharing podcast snippets more seamless.

Maybe Instagram Stories can help.

Instagram’s mission is to bring you closer to people and things you love.

It would make sense to offer the ability to capture cool/insightful moments from a 3-hour long podcast and share it with the community.

So how would that look like?

IG has already solved for adding music to stories. Adding podcasts just need a couple of tweaks.

Check out the full Figma prototype!

However the big question – Facebook secured deals with all the major record labels and many independents to pave the way for adding music to stories. How will content acquisition for podcasts look like?

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