Google Analytics for Notion Public Pages

I was chatting with a couple of friends regarding side projects. Most of them use Notion to showcase their portfolio. Some have even built their personal website and blog on this tool.

Notion is pretty cool from that perspective. Unlike WordPress – you can get up and running very quickly.

Just make your page public and now you can share it across the web.

Looking at Notion’s tagline – it seems like this was an unintended use case.
The company positions itself as “Write, plan, & get organized in one place”.

It was never aiming to become a no-code WordPress/Squarespace/Wix alternative to building portfolios, personal websites and club homepages.

Now that more and more people are using Notion for this “website” use case – having in-built analytics for public pages is a no-brainer.

Google Analytics -like-dashboard for Notion public pages.

Imagine being able to check if the manager you sent your portfolio to, actually viewed it or not. And then, follow up based on that.

Or like any other website, being able to view the impressions/analytics on your Notion public page.

I might even move my blog to Notion if this dashboard becomes a reality.

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