Anti-Google+Microsoft Alliance

This is how I ended my Google Workspace post.

“We’ll soon see single-purpose software such as SlackZoomDropboxTrelloAirtable, Zoho and others, form an alliance to differentiate.”

And well, the alliance is now gradually forming.

Zoom has announced Zapps – an app store that will allow you to use applications like Slack, Asana and Dropbox, directly within Zoom.

“That means you’ll be able to do things like access tasks in Asana or documents stored in Dropbox without switching to another window.” – The Verge

Similar to Workspace, the goal is to boost productivity by enabling a free flow of information across different apps – before, during and after meetings.

Thus, deep integration with existing workflows.

Zoom announced 35 launch partners that are building Zapps for its platform. However, none of those 35 partners is Google or Microsoft.

We might not see MS Word or Google Docs on launch – the best word processors out there.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is just a temporary thing or a permanent decision.

Overall, Zapps is a tool for Zoom to deeply integrate itself with the likes of Dropbox, Asana and Slack – who’re all competing against lucrative bundles like MS Office and now, Google Workspace.

Photo Credits: visuals/Unsplash

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