Airpods Pro: New Feature

I had a hypothesis that buying AirPods would make me smarter. Because then I’ll listen to more podcasts and audiobooks.

And sure they did.

I absolutely love the Airpods Pro. Even though I own a Google Pixel, I still decided to buy them because of the quality built, design and most importantly, convenience.

One of the subtle features that I love is the Transparency Mode. The external vent on the Airpods allow outside sound in, so that you can hear everything that’s going around.

Sometimes I literally forget that I’m even wearing my Airpods.

However, this also has an unintended consequence.

While working, there are times when I’ve them on but I’m not actively listening to anything. I just don’t realize I’m wearing them.

That drains the battery and then when it’s actually time to watch a video or listen to my podcast – I gotta plug them in for charging.

Yes, Apple promises to provide 1 hour of listening on only 5 mins of charging. But still, I gotta wait for 5 mins when I could just fully charge them if I put them into the case during inactivity.

A simple solution: Apple can notify the user to put Airpods back into the case when it detects over 15 mins of inactivity. And maybe let the user set the time limit or even turn off this feature.

Photo Credits: Unsplash/Shawnn Tan

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