Welcome Google Workspace!

Shelter in place has changed a lot of things, especially work.

We’re more relied on technology than ever to collaborate, be productive and build connections.

Google seems to have a solution to help us do just that.

“It won’t be enough to just add more tiles to video calls or more bots to your chat. We need to move from siloed single-purpose apps to create integrated solutions.” – VP of Google Workspace.

Google is rebranding GSuite to Google Workspace. There are new logos and a new UI.

But let’s talk about behind the scenes.

Google wants to catch up with remote working apps who’ve been gaining a lot of steam since the start of the pandemic. For perspective, Zoom’s stock has gone from $36 to $450 in just over a year.

So what’s the best strategy to increase adoption? Piggyback off your most popular service.

With over 2.5B users, Gmail and Docs are dominant services in their respective verticals. Google is leveraging them to boost adoption for its chat and video calling services. These communication tools will now be tightly integrated into your existing workflow.

With this cohesive solution, Google is making it much harder for siloed apps to differentiate. Similar to MS Office, the company is turning many bills into a single subscription for enterprises.

We’ll soon see single-purpose software such as Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Trello, Airtable, Zoho and others, form an alliance to differentiate.

Reference: Google Cloud

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