Touchless Faucets should be Everywhere!

With this new reality we’re living in, people are getting real careful about what they touch.

I personally get very conscious when I go out in public. I literally elbow the elevator button every day.

Recently I came across a few tweets that public places are now installing touchless faucets in washrooms to promote hygiene.

Great move.

I believe governments should make it mandatory to install touchless faucets in all public spots. It’ll not only prevent the spread of covid but also reduce water consumption. These two points make a really good case for mandatory installation.

The only challenge is cost.

Touchless faucets are generally 10-15 times more expensive than regular ones. That’s mainly due to the electronic components (sensor, solenoid valve) and the brass body.

What if we can make them more affordable and accessible. What if we can install touchless faucets in all houses, even in third-world countries.

Well, Wikipedia says these automatic faucets can save as much as 70% of the water that would otherwise go unused.

So basically, a touchless faucet will save water, save money because it saves water and most importantly save you, from contracting covid.

I think affordable touchless faucets can make a huge impact.

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