UberThela: My Entire Design Process

Excited to share the first case study of Billion Moonshots!

I’ve been posting my thoughts on growing unemployment in rural India and how Uber can play a role in solving it.

After having some insightful conversations and taking a ton of edge cases into consideration, I thought it was time to put it out there.

In rural India, farmers are seasonally unemployed for 4-6 months every year.

On the other hand, service providers like teachers, barbers, doctors, etc. are exhausted by walking long distances everyday to their workplace.

I believe by bringing UberThela to rural India we can provide temporary employment to our farmers, boost productivity of our service providers and overall, unlock more employment opportunities for everyone by building a reliable transportation infrastructure.

Along the way, Uber will also bring hundreds of millions of new users on the platform.

Here’s my Medium article where I go through the entire design process.

Would love to hear any thoughts or critique!

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