There will always be new challenges

50 years ago, people argued that poverty elimination was a fantasy.

Today, we’ve reduced extreme poverty significantly.

1981 – 52%
2018 – 8.6%

The world is getting richer, healthier, better educated, more peaceful, and better connected; and people are living longer.

We’re winning in many areas.

Increasing access to water
Increasing literacy rates
Reducing infant mortality
Increasing the number of Internet users
Increasing secondary school enrollment
Improving energy efficiency
Reducing the prevalence of undernourishment
and many more.

Now, we’re facing different set of challenges.

Increasing total debt
Increasing unemployment
Increasing income inequality.
Increasing greenhouse gas emissions
Increasing terrorist attacks
Increasing corruption
among others.

I believe we can solve these too.

We’ve more resources than ever to go after these massive problems.

We just need some innovative solutions.

Reference: Open Mind

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