From a cold-email to $11M project at MSFT

I just hit 17K followers on LinkedIn.

To celebrate, I want to share a secret.

If your job isn’t exciting, make it exciting.

While interning at Microsoft, I got to work on a lot of cool stuff.

Our intern team hosted a ton of events across Canada, I got to build some dashboards for senior executives, got to sit in some strategy meetings and got a nice Microsoft-branded lululemon jacket.

Good times.

But one day, I thought I could make it even more exciting.

I admired one of our executives and wanted to work with him.

So one fine morning, I walk into the office and write him an email asking if needs help.

Turns out, he wanted to solve a multi-million dollar problem.

For the next 3 months, along with some amazing people, I got the opportunity to figure it out.

Dropping below my LinkedIn recommendation and the cold-email that got me a multi-million dollar project!

LinkedIn Recommendation

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