How would the world look like…

People living in first-world nations will naturally and unwittingly solve for first world problems.

How to get a better job?

How to quickly find rideshare?

How to watch a movie from anywhere?

Leveraging their resources, people in the western world have built phenomenal products and generated tremendous value for others.

What if we bring the same minds together to think about third-world problems?

Think about scalable technological solutions to solve for poverty, war, corruption, healthcare, education, hunger, among others.

How would the world look like where third world problems are not left for non-profits & NGOs to solve?

How would the world look like where instead of donating millions of dollars to charities, big tech creates an internal product team that leverages the company’s existing technology to solve humanity’s biggest problems?

Just curious.

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Photo Credits: Jon Tyson/Unsplash

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