Most Interesting Thing About Microsoft’s Potential TikTok Acquisition

The most interesting thing about Microsoft‘ potential TikTok acquisition will be the price.

TikTok and its investors would wanna get a premium for selling a wildly popular app second to Facebook.

On the other hand, Microsoft will be looking to get a huge discount for being the saviour – because if the acquisition doesn’t go through TikTok is gonna be banned and other video-sharing apps will eventually fill the void.

Overall, Microsoft’s negotiation strategy will be – something is better than nothing. And TikTok is gonna be like – You buying TikTok, you better come up with a good offer.

Let’s see how the negotiation unfolds. Both parties have until September 15 to figure out the details.

The clock is TikTok-ing.

Photo Credits: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

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