Advice for Aspiring Writers

I wanted to consistently write great content – to understand my industry and meet cool people.

The big question I had was – where should I write?

On a WordPress blog, I would own everything – the look, the feel, the customization and the content.

But distribution would be bad. People are never gonna stumble upon by chance and start following my musings.

On the other hand, on a platform like LinkedIn or Medium – I can easily reach new audience. Organic reach is really good, especially on LinkedIn right now.

However, I would not control the experience. As soon as someone finishes reading my piece, the platform will direct them to content from a different writer.

My reach will also rely on an algorithm that is controlled by the platform and could change any day.

Looking at all the pros and cons – where should I write?

I thought why not get the best of both the worlds.

Leverage my personal website for consolidation & control.

And, leverage my LinkedIn/Medium for distribution & visibility.

So I started writing on both – my blog as well as the platforms.

Basically, cross-publishing and finding my tribe.

Photo Credits: Fabian Irsara/Unsplash

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