Medium’s Turn to Clone Snapchat

Medium should implement stories – in the format of Twitter Fleets, with a TikTok-like recommendation algorithm and with a goal similar to Netflix previews (provide highlights of the content).

I believe recommendation algorithm is Medium’s biggest weakness right now.

I assume –

1. An average article on the platform is roughly 7 mins read.

2. and, Medium subscribers don’t read more than two articles per day. Atleast I don’t.

This means the publishing platform is forced to make personalized recommendations with very little data on its users.

I believe this is why even after subscribing for a couple of months now – I don’t find the ‘Your Daily Read’ section helpful.

The stories format would be a game-changer.

It would allow users to quickly get a glimpse of a 10-min article and decide if they’re interested in reading further.

Multiply that by 30 and now Medium has 15x more data on a user’s reading behaviour

It’ll lead to better recommendations and potentially, increase the amount of time spent reading on the platform.

Photo Credits: Medium
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