Best System Design Resources!

Coming from a non-technical background and wanting to pursue product management, it was not only important for me to understand software but also system design.

Basically, how to build scalable & reliable solutions.

I remember my first few meetings at Lifion. I heard things like Redis, microservices, load balancer, sharding, among others – and every day I just wished my team spoke English.

I started reading up on every new alien word I heard of – but it didn’t help.

Because I never understood the high-level picture of how all those pieces worked together and why do we even need them in the first place.

So I started watching system design videos on YouTube and slowly found some phenomenal resources to master this craft.

As a Technical Product Manager, I’m not the one building the architecture, but understanding the components and how they all work together is important to build great solutions.

Free Resources

  1. System Design Primer
  2. Fundamentals of System Design
  3. Gaurav Sen’s YouTube

Paid Resource

Grokking the System Design Interview

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