WeWork: It’s Time to Revive

The tech industry is built on serendipity.

“CEOs pay millions in consulting, design, and architectural costs to multiply and optimize the number of chance encounters between their most creative employees — and hopefully profit from the blockbuster new products that might result.” – Steve LeVine

Face-to-face interaction matters for innovation, relationships, culture and building trust.

While some employers are going 100% remote, others are implementing a phased approach to reopen offices.

What is the future of work?

“In the long term, working in the office and working from home will no longer be a binary choice.”

The future of work is hybrid – a variety of work locations, even within the same company.

Some days people will head to the office respecting the occupancy limit and the distancing recommendations. On others, they’ll work from home – for fewer interruptions, productivity gains and saving on commute time.

But not everyone is effective at home. They might have family members wandering around or might not prefer to show their cluttered room on Zoom. These people will jump at the chance of going to a nearby coworking space.

And it seems like, a big chunk of professionals will opt for nearby coworking space.

It’s WeWork‘s time to resuscitate itself.

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Photo Credits: WeWork

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