Blockchain for Hunger

800M people are going to bed empty stomach every day.

At the same time, 1.3 billion metric tons of food is discarded, lost and wasted every year.

Food isn’t gonna solve global hunger. It’s a logistics and waste management problem.

We’ve to avoid food loss in the supply chain and direct the surplus to those in need.

Blockchain can help.

Refugees, displaced due to political conflict or environmental issues, is a big starving population.

“They’re transitory, difficult to track and communicate with and may or may not have government identification.”

In a pilot program, WFP is leveraging blockchain to eliminate hunger for over 10,000 refugees in Jordan.

Digital coupons are sent to refugees as a form of payment, which they can redeem at local supermarkets. All they have to do is scan their iris.

People get to choose what to eat and it also injects cash into local economies.

Cash-based system is more effective than in-kind food aid. It’s much easier to electronically send cash than it is to coordinate the collection and distribution of food.

Blockchain also reduces corruption. Thanks to its transparent and immutable nature – funds can be traced right through to the exact recipients.

Blockchain is an efficient, scalable and secure system with enormous potential to solve global hunger.

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Photo Credits: Nate Greno/Unsplash

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