IoT for Hunger

“Every ninth person in the world is hungry.” – World Food Programme

Over 800M people in the world are undernourished and go to bed hungry every day.

And here’s the irony – we already grow enough food for 10B people, even though we’re roughly 7.8B today.

The question we need to ask is – why are 800M people still hungry if we have a surplus in food production?

The answer is Food Loss and Food Waste.

“One-third of food produced for human consumption every year — about 1.3 billion tons — is lost or wasted.”

There’s a lack of a globally efficient food supply chain as well as tremendous loss and waste of food produced for human consumption.

It seems like IoT can help.

1. Harvesting and Storage – IoT can provide cost-effective monitoring for farmers to prevent food loss even before reaching the market.

2. Transport – IoT can make the supply chain more efficient by tracking cargo vehicles and providing real-time data on conditions (temperature, humidity) inside the container.

3. Shelf life – IoT can enable stores to sell foods that are good beyond their expiry date leveraging better detection through sensors.

4. Food Purchasing Habit – Smart refrigerators in developed countries can monitor food quality and quantity, to send alerts or recommend purchases – minimising waste.

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