Why the best minds are not solving world’s biggest problems?

After writing about #product and #strategy for months, I thought it was time to build something.

The Product Manager within myself asked – “What problem are you gonna choose to solve?”

So I did my research. I looked at industries with the highest growth potential, future trends and blue oceans (creating new market space).

And this is when I came across a Ted Talk titled – “Why the best minds are not solving world’s biggest problems?”.

I pulled my prioritization framework (impact vs engineering resource). And global problems like Water, Poverty, Health, Education, Climate Change and Tolerance ranked far high on impact.

I wanted to optimize for impact – so it made no sense to not pursue these problems.

What am I planning to do?

I’m commiting to spending an hour every weekday on solving the world’s biggest problems.

If you wanna join my problem solving team, hit me up!

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