Adversity is the Mother of Innovation

#covid19 is literally fast-tracking future.

1. Online shopping and Robot Delivery
In-person delivery is not virus-proof. So delivery services are now contactless and companies are ramping up development of robot deliveries.

2. Digital Payments
Cash carries the virus. So contactless digital payments (card and e-wallet) are becoming mandatory in many places.

3. Remote Work
People used to spend a big chunk of their day commuting. Now people have got all that time back to spend with family and on their hobbies. Big tech has even announced that many jobs are going 100% remote post-covid.

4. E-learning
Online education was already on the rise. Now even toddlers are forced to sit in front of laptops and recite poems.

5. Telehealth
Digitization of health services was long due. Wearable devices are now tracking vitals and chatbots are making initial diagnoses based on symptoms of patients.

6. Online Entertainment
We already had streaming services. People are now bringing human interactions online with cloud raves (online streaming of concerts) and virtual experiences offered by Airbnb.

7. 5G
Now that everybody is working remote, fast internet connectivity is needed the most. Adoption of 5G is on the rise.

Reference: World Economic Forum –
Photo Credits: Hazem Asif

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