Joe Rogan x Spotify

Joe Rogan started his podcast in 2009, which now gets over 190M downloads every month and has made him one of the biggest names in podcasting.

While every YouTube creator is trying to please the algorithm, JRE broke the rules by posting over 2 hour-long episodes daily – often with controversial guests.

One of the reasons for JR’s popularity is YT’s recommendation algorithm – longer the viewers watch, happier YT is and more the video is promoted.

Recently, Spotify signed JRE to a multi-year licensing deal which is reported to be over $100M. He will retain full creative control over the show and by the end of 2020, JRE will be exclusively available on SPOT.

For SPOT, this is a slam dunk – “a symbolic win for the brand, in the same way that creating the Air Jordan was for Nike“.

This deal has already added a couple billion dollars to SPOT’s market cap and will attract millions of JRE’s die-hard fans to the platform.

JR won too. He wanted to escape YT’s harsh oversight over creators and SPOT promised him “free reign to talk about whatever he wants without fear of censorship”.

However, working with an aggregator means – JR will be losing the relationship with his listeners, building SPOT’s recurring revenue instead of his own and putting a cap on his audience.

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